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Estimates & Design Consultations:


Free Estimates

We will do free estimates for general property maintenance or anyone who all ready has a landscape design.


Design Consultations

For those who need to design or redesign their landscape there is a $50 minimum charge for the first hour of a design consultation and $25 per hour after. Should you decide to hire us for the instalation of your landscape the original $50 fee will be reimbersed.

Jobs can be priced on either a contract basis or an hourly rate and cost plus for supplies.

Our extensive picture gallery should give you some good design ideas as well as show the quality of our work. Unfortunately we don't always get back to take pictures as landscapes progress, as we are ussually very busy with work at the time of year when landscapes are looking their best. Fortunately we've maintained some gardens so that we've been able to take some progress shots.


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